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Sunday Morning - text


Waking up on Sunday morning
Saturday’s been gone
For tonight I found no new love
That could take me home

Everything I think I’ve passed it
The heartache that she made
It comes back much harder each time
It will never fade

Getting up on Sunday morning
Found no sin in life
Wish the time would fade much faster
Wish I would survive

But surviving ain’t as easy
As it was before
When no woman lightened my life
She will do no more

Come to see me falling
Now who can stop my tears
Waking up I found the ruins
Of where I lived for years

Take a walk on Sunday morning
I can’t feel the sun
All her warmth has turned to coldness
Can’t feel anyone

Now I have to find a new life
In the shade of night
Waiting for the Monday morning
Maybe there’s a light…

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