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Oh, it's that feeling again
Can't deny it
I have been without it for so long
Oh, it's a crazy idea, and I like it
You gave directions all the way
You came, you conquered
Took me for a spin
And i liked it
I was good, it was good
The questions are deleted
Found the essence
Want to keep it
And I should, and I should
See, did you see them colours
They were brighter
So much happened in such short time
We went along with the madness again
Oh, been down, been down
Get up and take control
It is good
Will not let you tempt me
Though I should
Seems like I'm searching again
There's nothing more to find
Seems like I'm leaving again
So long, leave it all behind
Don't know what's left of me
'Cause I gave it all to you
So thankful fo what you took away
Been down down been around
Been a digger

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