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In the deep of my night, where darkness comforts
the ones pure in sight lies sprouting the well of thoughts.
The union of chaos and order proceeds as unplanned.
Blood of ignorance dries colder on hands of the dissident.
You're trapped in the claws of freedom.
The only way out seems clinging to harsh conventions.
Escape the abyss of doubt.
Stupidity will guide you through the dark streets of the world.
Avoiding the presence of the damned, beware their rage unfurled.
How can I ever understand you ?
Eyes are shut and thoughts are prisoned in the block of conformity.
We won't ever make you realize that superstition in convention is a failure.
Disguised by the dark I stand, awaiting your downfall.
Seething with rage at lives of fudge. The time is near when wrath shall judge
upon the stupid, I'll applaud - justified arrogance in thought.
Summon the forces of chaos to eradicate dogmatism for evermore.
Like slugs in a bowl full of salt will their intestines writhe in pain under our furious hate.
Under the coat of my antidogmatic thoughts lures the distorted face of convention.
Creeping up from behind, tying a corset of rules around spiritual liberty.
Now we found ourselves trapped inside walls of conformity.
As the flowers of superiority are withering, so am I.
All the blood shed laughs at our failing.
Chaos' victory dies within the will to organize her force.
The triumph of order can't be achieved until she rapes her priests.
Killing morals runs the risk of breeding new morals within its own temple

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