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Snow on Epitaphs - text

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Why did it have to be you
why did you leave me
come back
Staring at your grave
the day is dark and cold
feeling numb inside
my life is worthless
My cloak spends me no warmth
you left without a farewell
i can see my breath
but there’s no trace of you
I remember well the first day we met
no need to search each other, the world seemed white and black
we hid inside our agony, no one could make a move
and at some point there was no choice
i couldn’t stand to lose
never thought of what will come
and welcomed each new day
i still can hear you
singing on and on
»every day’s a happy day«
Snow is falling down on me
Winter is my solitude
pure like a virgin
the snow covers all the epitaphs
Hides forgotten memories
hides wounds that never heal
gently comforts what was lost
Covers ruins, shattered dreams
covers ruins, shattered dreams
Still staring at your grave
ignoring all the crowd
they shout and cry so loud
but they don’t feel the pain
The night is dark and cold
the stars the only light
my voice is fragile ice
so no one can hear me sigh
The outer world is broken and torn apart
a sudden thunder destroys the silent nightmares
a flash enlightens the nothingness to create a scene
a cabaret of absurd minds, the dead returns alive
he grabs the boney hand and embraces the lost one
dancing a wild dance of silent music
the wind blows like a violin the trees whip like a drum
they ecstatic jump and run around the graveyard
Not feeling the tragedy the mist around them freezes
the snow’s a velvet pillow for his head
I see a light so bright
you really did come back
In a winternight so cold
with snow on epitaphs
we dance into eternity
And so
they find their peace for eternity
bound together
dancing ghosts
shadows of this world

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