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A long way we have walked until here
fought against the highest mountains
the road was shaped by steep edges
and rocky cliffs
Disorder and chaos
were streaming
impossible to swallow
turmoil and grief
A silver curtain is falling,
granting us a peek into the future time
we want to end this battle,
leave everything uncertain behind
One more step will take us to our aim
open your eyes and follow the thin line ahead
We passed so many gates
and none of them could stop us
daylight is fading
We invite you to be a part of us
experience sceneries you’ve never seen before
accompagny the final steps on burning ground
to leave this world
Everything’s prepared for our final destination
the time has come to pass the last frontiers
no longer we will have to suffer guilt and greed
our fate is now to face the next dimension
continue our way never looking back
Grey clouds are drawing up
cover the clear blue sky
You’ll find your end here
you’ll never reach your aim
Give up and lay to rest
my might is indiscribable
My spells will stop your journey
realise your failure
Your today will have no tomorrow
your end’s engraved
(in blood)
The last gate is at sight our goal is near
we won’t give up we’ll never be defeated
we cannot lay to rest we have to stand as one
We have to resist storm and thunder
sacrifice everything to escape the past
Worthless creatures you are
never able to pass
The black gate is closed
and sealed
No human being will ever reach
a higher step
Torturing pain and suffering
will be your future
A bloody moon is rising
weakening our force to seal our fate
Darkness around us announces ultimate apocalypse
as doom does speak
and thunder cracks the final frontier is out of sight
Our long and winding road has led us into a blinding fight
Mankind is standing at the last gate
to receive the final judgement
that will determine their future
You left a path of bloody stains
behind your pain shall never ease
until all scars are healed

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