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Now my son we have to take our punishment of Minos
We're caged in my own labyrinth I've built some time ago
I'm sick and tired of the island around me
I'm sick and tired of the banishment he gave me
My heart is touched by the great love fo my home
But I am locked by the huge and the deep sea
He likes blocking all the countries and the waters
But he will never have control of the blue sky
I'm building some wings from wax and feathers
Let us spread our wings and fly away
His little son was full of joy - saw the wings
Touched with a smile on his ignorantly face
Everything seemed all right for an escape of their prison
But it's not the way it was
Before they flew his father had reminded his (excited) son:
"Don't fly too low thus the waves cannot weight the feathers!"
"Don't fly too high thus the sun cannot melt the wax!"
But it's not the way it was
Remember my words I told you before we start to fly don't forget
Float between the heat and between the cold please keep this in your mind
Asking myself why you're seperating from your flesh (and blood)
Your longing for the sun is bigger than I ever thought
I'm so far away to save your fragile soul beware the danger
Feathers on the waves I know that you are dead
How could I be so blind
I will bury you and your grave will cary
Your name forever and ever

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