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First Day in Hell - text

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Sun is dying, lights are fading, blood is raining from above
Sky is burning, wind is blowing, for appearey at the sea
Forests crying, earth starts shaking, no one leaves this place alive
Fires on the path, tha gate is open, chaos is unleashed
Earthquakes are cutting this place in two
Walls of fire shooting in the bloody sky
The sea is turning to a storm
Waves like walls are trying to devour me
Rotten corpses awake to life
Rising from their tombs and hunting me
Ravens fly in a horde
Smelling the sweet blood in my veins
Am I weird? What is happening?
I should hold my mind together
Nothing's true what I see
This is only a bad dream I got
Invisible strength is whipping me
To the inverted unknown gate of evil
Wolves are howling in the night
The endless nightmare has begun
What is it now? Who is reigning my soul?
Passion and fear is overwhelming me
Welcome at home my godless, helpless child
Come in my arms, I will take care of you
Sweet flowers of ice are burning my skin
Chorales of hell sound like a lullaby
Don't be afraid my desperate beauty
I will fulfill your amazing dreams
-No return
All my life I have been a brave and honoured man
Watching you just all the time, that was an amazing pleasure
Fighting for faithful aims, winning many battles
My dear friend your simply wrong, you've failed too often
I'm okay!
Are you sure?
Nobody will judge me!
Don't be so excited sweetheart under my protection
Stop, shut up!
Should I sing?
Beast, you are disgusting!
My serious wish is living with you
In sadness and agony my nightmare comes true
Odedience so deep will stigmatize you
Bondage and worship is our further life
My fragile tears never embracing myself
Cold storms of fear will paralize me
Those eternal halls were prepared long ago
I am the goddess of lost soul
-Burning me
-Freezing me
-Raping me
Squeezing me, cutting me, beating me to the ground
Your destiny will be fulfilled you're now lost in hell
Victims and sinners of my satanic passion
Blind and deaf, stiff and cold sink in bloody visions
I'm the great majesty, ruler of all souls
Cradling you eternally
You're mine forever more

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