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Thou Shalt Suffer - text


Thou shalt suffer
Thou shalt moan
Creep in front of those you tormented
And ask for remission for
Thousands of years of lies and humiliation

Thou shalt suffer
Thou shalt moan
To the confessional you built yourself
Confess your sins to the world
Confess all your offenses to the world

For living as parasites
In this world
You shall now feel her misanthropy
Her blood you spilled
Come to pesticide you
Harvest your seed, choke on it
No more oppression, no more lies

Feel now the satanic power
Of earth, of nature
Destructive it is for those
Who dare to ignore it
Cause we are with it

We, the sons of evil, sons of the pagan father satan

Mighty, destroying, building
This is the master of the earth

Thou shalt suffer
Thou shalt moan
Thou shall burn in your own purgatory

Text přidal roman59

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