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The Devil's Throath - text


Follow the wind, listen to his voice
The words he whispers
Let it get inside your senses
Because it is the voice of the devil
From his throat he calls his wanders on earth

All you dark men follow it
Follow the voice, march upright
With satans pride inside you
Ignore all deaf fools
Who can't hear it
For they are lost
Inside their own labyrinth of ignorance

The call of the devils throat
Lead through the disorders
Of a possessed world
Possessed by charity
Possessed to suppress lives
To sacrifice spirit for a god

Father satan, let us feel your power
Lucifers stars lead to your pagan altar
Where witchcraft embraces us

My spirit blows with the wind
Talks the same language
My sense full of paganism
With satanic roots
Deep in my flesh

Arrive, satanic men
His altar awaits

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Where Witches Burnt

Atritas texty

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