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(Sacrifical) Devil Worship's Psalmody - text


Thy word shall be spread!
Thy wisdom shall fill my mind!
Essential to recover the appropriate
Bloodshed hands I raise to the sky
I sacrifice my soul,
Worthless without your spirit

For I am yours
For you are what I am
Choirs of damnation chant your hymn
The psalmody of the fallen angel
Dusk lays upon the scenery
Call my name

I shall follow thy voice
I shall pursue the left hand path
To be one with the devil
The loss of human walls
To gain spiritual perfection

Enlighten me, father!
With your poisonous gift!
Burning, raging, aware,
Fraught with thy essence
Fallen ruins of heaven
The kingdom of false prophets
Flesh upon flesh - souls upon souls

Ye shall be my salvation
My bleeding salvation
Let me be part of you, opposer
For I am willing to sacrifice myself
For I am sin
Let me watch through your eyes
Too see lies as lies and verity as verity

Scarful, wrathful, willing
Spilling the tasteful liquid,
For truth is pain

Aeons of darkness
I shall suspire your breath!
To be one with ye emperor

Curse me! I await your spell!
Awake me! Awake myself! Awake!!
Let me drown deeper
Into your knowledge
Defeat my human being
Smell the victory of your kind
For I shall worship you!

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