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Obtained Orphanage - text


The world is an orphanage
Man it's orphan, depserate
Seeking for salvation
Striving for Eden
The religious lie

The world is an orphange
And religion it's wall
With hypocrisy and deceit
It encompasses the spirit
Lies, censors, curtails
It's drives

Man, deprived of his
Individual, suppressed in his
Beast sacrificed the jackal
To creep as a lamb in
Deceptive safety of
The shepherd and his herd

Man, weak in his spritual
Power thirsting for eternal
Life in fear of death
Toddles blind into the
Trad of the prohpets

What kind of believe is this
Rather bothering death
Than live?
What kind of idols, standing
For salvation after death
Instead of strength and
Will in live?

I am my own god, my prophet
My disciple and my life
Idolize the beast in myself
Its own mind, its desires
Evolving its satanic
Afterwards free from false
Sins, exempted from
False bans

My individual breaks
Through all walls, blinds
Their delusion
Tears down their
Orphanage their lies
Never I let myself
Convert never deceive
Roaming through my own
Sinful Eden

Text přidal roman59

Medium Antigod

Atritas texty

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