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Narrow Refuge - text


Man of church, bound to your vow
Limited in your belief
Praising salvation after death
But pain upon earth

Prisoner of abstinence
Trying to repress your instincts
With psalms and prayers

Inner voices you call devilish
Force your sins, stir your desires
Flee to your refuge
Of incense and crucifixes
Entreat to your god for strength

But the voices will stay
They are your human nature
The beast inside all
Trust the voice, free the beast
Take his hand and let yourself go
To desire of flesh, to ecstasy of sense

Don't be ashamed for your greed
Don't be ashamed for your sins

Never to kneel before a god again to confess
You will rise on satans path
And with your inner beast
Until you realize
You are your own god

Text přidal roman59

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