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Memorium Magicus - text


Come into the circle of the magician...
I am the traveller between fire and
Darkness, between insanity and chaos

I am the shadowwalker between world
Through the abyss I fell
Against my deepest fear I fought
And came back stronger than before

I danced with the shadows
Of the past, future and present
United with the great witcher
Before the dawn has broken

"Do what thou wilt shall
Be the whole of the law"
So spoke once to mega therion

And so I kneel in front of
The great sign and until I kneel
I am kneeling for my self
Because now you are a part of me
Zodocare od zodameranu
Od cicale quaa!
Zodoreje, lape zodiredo
Noco mada, hoathahe Saitan!

I spit on those, they do not
Understand on all these, who do not
Believe and don't recognize
What it means to be a human kind

Only we, who recognized
Got the key to the eternity
So then! Follow me! And
Let yourself fall, deeper and deeper
Unite yourself with the beast
Drink from the magic cup of ecstacy
Stand against your deepest fear
Let you drift into the astral sleep
And awake reborn like
Phoenix from the ashes

Text přidal roman59

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