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Medium Antigod - text


A medium, born as a child of the world
arises through the seed of times
carried in the belly of the vulcano
the last hope for mother nature

A medium antigod, antihuman
to serve the pagan power
a medium arisen out of desparation
as a martyr of the planet

Mankind, indulging industry
longtime ago depraved into a virus
feasting on the nectar of earth
devour like nomads from fontain to fontain
til they all dryed up

The apocalypse will come
read its omen

unleashed by the will of the medium
like an orcan storming over the misery
with the storm of the wind the power of water
with the heat of fire an the quacking of earth

And we, keeper of the old values
we will rise with it
we will sow the seed of earth again
like a purgatory of itself

Armageddon will be their fall and their fall our life

The apocalypse will come
read its omen

Text přidal roman59

Medium Antigod

Atritas texty

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