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Lunar Psychosis - text


The moon, the
Mesmerizing moon
Is watching, is observing

I stand on the
Crest of the hill
Midst the eternal ice
Where chiling winds
Embraces me in the
Shape of its carried flakes

Darkness sinks into
The valley, the abyss
Opens in front of me
Ending in bottomless black
Allegorical as a mataphor
For my soul

The moon, the mesmerizing
Moon is still watching
Still observing
Silently awating
I am still standing
Possessed by its countenance
Possessed by its cosmic power

I feel the unity
Feel the cosmic storm
In me in my mind, in my soul
Which I am willing to
Sacrifice to turn day into
Night for the immortal

Firmaments light up
In the shine of the moon
Water, black as cloted blood
Shadows only
A whiff of itselfs
Merged in the sea of night

My psychotic delusion
Of light finaly conquered
Through the power of
The moon which now
Shining for all eternity

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