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Last Sheep Smashed - text


The night brought the storm
A storm of unnatural power
Unnatural blackness
I sat in my room
Windows where torn open, burst
The chilling wind blew into my face

I fought against the storm
I stepped into the opening
Then i saw them the riders of the apocalypse
They rode the storm
And with them came darkness

Something horned came upon me
Stayed before me, inspecting me
A goat, blacker than hell
It took me with its mighty horns
Upon its back

We rushed against the storm
Thunder, rumbling became louder
Lighting flashed and then there was silence
In the eye of the storm

And so i rode together with
The others, spreading
The apocalypse across the land
Fear, despair, panic, hysteria everywhere

No hope, no mercy, no shelter
No way to escape
The storm will howl until
The last sheep is smashed by it's mighty horns

Text přidal roman59

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