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I'm The Vanity - text


When i was young i was truly told
That the man who hung
On the wooden cross
Should be my king

But when i grew older
My heart became colder
I felt nothing for the sick man
Hanging without any power
In an unholy shower
Of tears of this weak true believer
I only felt the unholy fever

Against him and his christianity, therefor i am the vanity
Of everybody who believes, they only are victim if thieves
Raping their life and soul, you, miserable sad priest,
Will never reach my breath

'cause i belong to him
King of nature, king of life
He gives me the strength
He makes me proud
To you, my horned king, i shout
In my fight for my own being
I will not be a victim of seeing
My life going without any lust
My wishes are my first must

I don't live for a paradise
And for all the others religious lies
I live now, here in my way
All the religious cannot betray
Me and my way of thinking

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