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Earthbound Suicide - text


The rain falls onto the foliage under my feet
a black sea of fallen leaves by night
accumulated on the ground as I wandered
through the nocturnal valley

I feal the mourning of the world rain
spoke out of her tears
crying about the loss of her seed

men is the seed, who departed and rose
from the laws of the planet
holy woods desacreted by crucifixes

one cut, blood flows waters the soil

mother earth take my gift
mother earth free my spirit
from the scum called humanity

my dead flesh rots blood feeds the earth
intended as a mitigation for your suffering
with the devilish power of my soul
which is bound to earthly existence
new live awakes from the rotting corpse

one cut, blood flows waters the soil

an oak rises from my oblation
in which my spirit ready for reincarnation
is waiting for the day of human genocid

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