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Decades of Nihilism - text


Look a these fools!
People of faith
Kneeling and praying
On the feet of a dying god
Nailed helpless
Upon his cross
This god of the weak!
This god of lies!

But I'm not of your kind
I'm not your slave!
I am man! I am god!
And I take command
For my own life!

I do not serve...!
I do not suffer...!
I favourite the pride
And curse the rotten!
Creeping not to cross
To degrade myself
For a man of fools
Your Messiah of worms...!

Over all those long
Decades your hold up
High this flag of nihilism
Still believe in false
Prophets from the past
Isn't it tragic? Shameful?
Got entangled in
Senseless polemics
And do not notice, that
You turn in a circle
A tragic opus

And when the
Curtain has fallen
The crown of creation
Stands for the symbol
Of embarrassingness

That's why I'm not like you!
And will never be enslaved!
Because I realized god in man
Mine is the might!

Text přidal roman59

Medium Antigod

Atritas texty

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