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Blasphemic Madness - text


Hateful and disguised
I look upon you - sheep!
Your filthy and morbid
Philosophy of anti-human nature
The spit in the individuals
Libertine face
Your moral of slavery, your
Ethics based on perverted instincts
I deny, I desecrate, I despite!
This is my revenge for your
So called ,,right way"

My blasphemic madness will
Be the nail on your coffin-cunt!
Pray for mercy, and you'll be
Betrayed by your own disposition

Oh father, give me the strength,
For I shall destroy the weak's
Destiny. The right hand path
Leads into nowhere, except for
Self-deception and spiritual waste
The truth lies behind the
Endless fog in your mind

I shall annihilate your
Useless empty apparition
Your god is just an epihpany,
created by ideological illusionists
Search for life after death, and
You'll find death in life

Your are just whores in your
Self-built mental prisons
Tears drop by as the nailed
One closes his eyes
I shall smash your
Abhorrent humble prayers
Blasphemic madness

Scorn, abuse and liquidation
Are my gifts for you
Kings and slaves -
Leaders and followers
You chose your path,
Your direction
Face the mirror, you will
See nothing but emptiness

My blasphemic madness will be
The nail on your coffin
Pray for mercy, and you'll be
Betrayed by your own disposition

I won't honour your holy father,
I won't believe your false words
Your cross shall be the symbol
Of your fall. The fall of you and
Your filthy and dishonest homilies

Reign blasphemic madness

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