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Black Dominion Era - text


Son of God for three
Hours he suffered for us
Hanged upon the cross for
The panance of human sin
And I shall show
Humblenes for this?

They oppressed the
Evolution of the world
Scorned the individuality
Of mankind, evangelised
Preached their false
Visions all this in the
Robe of an assassin

Even if his body had
Rotten on the cross
It was not long enough
For all the grief and pain
His servants for
Milleniums brought to
The world and its life

Bodies burnt on the stake
To avenge what they never
Comitted for salvation of
Their immortal soul

And the reassessment
Of their sins

The kingdom of
God shall burn now
And with it, its rites
And customs for hte
World to breathe again
And to rise from this
Forced chaste era

The eternal fight
Between light and dark
Will be decided in my
Epoche my precious blood
Which I am ready to spill
To stop all suffering
Of my kind

The world enclosed by
A new light covered by
The mist of the risen
The light of the moon
Gloomy and exalted
Lights our deed
Of destruction
Of sanctification

Side by side with the
Horde of hell
Risen from the freezing
Colds of the grave
To the sound of hells bells
For the lord of darkness
To herald the black
Dominion era

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Medium Antigod

Atritas texty

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