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all is calm, all is quiet
a world of flames, dies in peace
become a moving target, your aspiration is to die
another situation in which we all believe a lie
another time to settle debts of the rich and affluent
another situation they pay the price with countless deaths
repent all sins forgiven
they fall upon their knees, ask the lord to forgive
as they control the masses, another sin
a sin to exploit the weak, a sin to lie
they deserve to burn for these sins yet they only burn in effigy
repent all sins forgiven
annihilation, time to die
apocalyptic judgment, another lie
another battlefield that’s littered with the bodies of the poor
as the rich keep growing stronger, this is a war that we can’t win
repent all sins forgiven, all is calm, all is quiet
annihilation time to die, apocalyptic prophecy
behold the sum of our hate, we stand in the aftermath
the apocalypse has happened, yet we haven’t noticed

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Dead As Truth


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