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there is no peace in the end
these empty vestals won’t transcend
our broken bodies are condemned
to slowly rot and decay
there is no love, there is no light
there is no hope, there is no life
there is just death, there is no beauty in this
only on the outside
inside we’re broken, blindly follow
addicted to self, while drowning in lies
a mindless machine, blindly searching
searching for truth in a web of lies
spiraling through the darkness
we go towards the light
when there is no heaven above and no hell in its infamy
I hold no delusions of love, this farce must be denied
as the divine machine’s reign of terror
goes directly into oblivion
there is no beauty in this pail death
our faith is backwards
blindly go into the light, blindly fall down...

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Dead As Truth


Atriarch texty

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