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this is the setting for a prison of thought
the altar breaks and come tumbling down
but we cannot forget our souls, they're only ignored
and they cannot control our thoughts with words
the open door is your casket, and no longer our mind
for we inherited their hands, but not their faith
but there is a new faith created by men, and put in place to make us easy to control
but we were not born to serve, is out responsibility to fight
or shall we bear witness to this tyranny?
control yourself, your thoughts are your own, open your mind
control yourself, your thoughts are your own
they can't control your thoughts or actions
altars we lay upon, altars we pray upon
now that our faith is gone, altars we're lying from
altars to worship, altars to beg, altars to sacrifice unwilling prey
all hope is gone, our faith is lost, there was a choice we made to just let go
i repent! i will not forget! i repent, i will not forget
how many times have the words left our mouths to fuel our minds?
all the things we say we will do will amount to shit if there is no action behind them
for the truth of what we've inherited is not what we're being promised
all our good intentions, all our loving thoughts are meaningless
our hope is gone, our faith is lost; we are being controlled
but we were not born to serve, we were not born to serve
you are my brother, you are my father, you are my sister, you are my mother
you are my enemy, you are my lover, you are my enemy
power equals nothing, words are meaningless
you who are my enemy, i embrace you as my brother

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