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Crystal clear I see the rose is frail, the thorns hide easily in its beauty, as I go to grasp it in my hand
My heart is torn beating from my chest
Let me be captivated, by your beauty
Then let me fall from your grace, unto my broken knees
Close my eyes so tightly, the tears are welling up
You aren’t worth the waste, of the salt or the water
Fuck all your false beauty, it was transparent just like your smile – liar
Your thorns caress my flesh, crimson drops on a snowy field – liar
I have watched you retrogress, I have seen what you’ve become – liar
Please take your eyes off of me, it’s funny how fast blue yes fade gray – liar
And you are deceit
Watching the sun play in your hair
I couldn’t really care, care any less about you
Just with away real beauty is forever in you
Just wither away

Text přidal c.WO.k

Video přidal fakn95

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