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In this lifetime you don't have ta prove nothin to nobody
Except yourself
And after what you've gone through
If you haven't done that by now
It ain't gonna never happen
Yo, hey yo I'm never be what you'd expect me to be
Clever like that
Just when you cats think you know me
Never let the negativity hold or stop me
Never forget the knowledge hiphop has taught me
Even though the prophets might never get signed
Never drop a video or go platinum with my rhymes
It'll be cool just knowin that we've touched a few
And rocked the mic with some of the dopest emcee's too
You'll never catch jes givin anything less than my all
And I'll forever be with mad sun until the day I fall
I'll never be as dope as you dog but I can live with that
You'll always get love from me
But you'll never give it back
I'll never see a million dollars in this lifetime
And you'll never be blessed to have a woman quite like mine
To gain respect is a never-ending journey
Cause I'll always be jes and I guess I'm never worthy
Never could my voice lay down and die
Give me one good eye to see my influence fly
Forever I'll try to wear a genuwine smile
Because I've planted my style across a million miles
I'll never turn my back on the heads I attract
Mic check need a breath to keep a step on the path
Never lose sight of what this is to me
And how it helps my plight to let everyone else see
I'll never go out of my way to hold you back
I'm just here to make your head rock maybe make your shoes tap
And with some luck maybe I can get stuck
Within your memory remember me I'm the one that does give a (what)
And I will never be you
And you will never be me
But I'm like
We can work together and see
All we need is the sun and some water for this tree
And we can all be free
And even I can get free
And yo I'll never forget those who always believe
And the ones who gave us R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Yo I'll never be the emcee that you want me to be
There'll always be something I do or say and you won't agree
That's my individuality, originality
Even though some of y'all get pissed off and mad at me
Never forget my family or where I'm from
Never blame others for the wrong I've done
Yo I'll never hold a grudge I say peace and show love
Never believed one day I'd be rhymin with slug
Never know the ablities that you posses
Till you find yourself and lay all your assumptions to rest
I'll never stop writing when there's no ink left
And I'll never stop blowing even when there's no breath
And I'll never find the words that describe my mind
Yo I'll never stop lookin and I'll never stop tryin
Better believe I'll never be the best word-worker
Instead I use the soul to take the flow further
I'll never rhyme about guns, sellin drugs, or murder
Sooner see a future of flippin burgers
I'll never forget about the city that raised me
The women I've chased and the cops that have chased me
The people that pushed me to become who I am
And everyone that came to the jam (like damn)
I'll never be the freshest
Never be the dopest
Even though sometimes it's hopeless
I'll never lose focus
I'll never be afraid to show the depth of my emotions
There's a side of me that's deeper then the belly of the ocean
I'll never be the smartest
Never be the brightest
I'll never be the hardest
Never be the tightest
On the mic I'm just your average joe
Never more but I've been more dedicated than ever before
I'll never give up
Never call it quits
You can never hold me down and I never did like to fool around
I'll never be
Life for me ain't never been easy yo
I try to be positive no matter the weather
And no matter what
I'll never say never
And I will never be you
And you will never be me
But I'm like
We can work together and see
All we need is the sun and some water for this tree
And we can all be free
And even I can get free
Well I hope you folks enjoyed yourselves
Catch you later on down the trail

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