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I've got perfect misinterpret
Handful of my family tree
Dress rehearsal death and birth
We'll sing inside my key
I watched the sun set
I saw the snow fall
I stole paint to write your name on the stone wall
We made some babies
We made some messes too
Trying to do our best to push all of the blessings through
Half life gets spent behind a wheel
Tryin to claim innocent while I assemble my appeal
The blood and bones are pure as the tears
You could skip a stone and hit a full jury of my peers
But don't judge yet, just let the love get you wound up enough
To beat the sound off the drum set
And point your voice at the void
Rejoice, make noise like you had the choice
It goes... over flow how much more can you hold
And still put faith first at the fork in the road
Search for the universal remote control
While the words spill out of the hole in your soul
Now close your eyes and crack a smile if you know me
While I spit into the sky cause I miss the little homie
Guess that it means if my people hurt
Somebody, please disturb my peaceful smirk
Take everything that I bring with me
Make who I be now,
Hear my family now

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The Family Sign

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