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Forty Days And Forty Nights - text


Forty days and forty nights
We changed the water into wine
Everybody was getting tight
They was thinking about
All those good old times

All my life, I've been thrown to the wind
Mile after mile
God it seems like a foreign land
That I'll never see again

Mary, Jesus is here again
Got that strange California grin
He looked at me, as he closed his eyes
Said daddy, I might not be comimg back here
For a while

All my life
I've been looking for the one
Who could unlock that door
And let me see that southern light
Once more
Just, once more

Ooh, all my life
I've been waiting for that day
When I could hear my father's voice
See them old pearly gates
Lift up my head and sail away
I wanna sail away, sail away
Sail away

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