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Caviar And Meths - text

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I've got no home
I just pretend
Building a world of troubles till the end
Out all alone
Facing the cold
Nothing comes easy not like you all turns to gold
Situations never changed
It was meant this way
Never to own
Always to strive
Just want a little piece of something in this life
Always the dreamer
Never to rise
Nothing comes my way not like you always the prize
Out on the road
Devil may care
That's the way I was meant to be - always to bear
Shooting deals chasing meals running from the wild dogs
Downtowns pretty if you know how to keep everything on a lock
Greasing wheels shining steel taking on the odd jobs
Gotta survive just to keep alive in this hot cross gun shop
Breaking laws kicking down doors gotta find a way through
Out of this place that lives off hate I was born into
City smoke seems to hurt and choke got find some room to breath
Want to be like you, want to see the views, want to taste the life of ease

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