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Out of the shadows steps hells confusion
Life has no meaning there’s no solution
Out of this madness of anger and sorrows
No deals with the darkness
For there’s no tomorrows
And I’m reeling - and I’m seething - and I’m screaming
And I’m bleeding.
Out of this hatred of life all around me
There’s no one to turn to but soon we are both free
Out of this chaos of no mind or reason
Questions unanswered silenced and beaten
And I’m calling-to our needing –now I’m crawling
And I’m bleeding
Maybe heaven holds the key
Maybe hell just waits for me
Don’t want to wake up in the darkest night
Maybe my father will guide the light
Never meant to see you hurt
Never meant to cause you any pain
Sorry words for what they're worth
So many dreams were all in vain.

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Demon Deceiver


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