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baby's crying in the small house
sunset colours are disappearing
sky is burning, dream´s dissolving
little man's arm shows
a new future...
blind, deaf and dumb
help me! ...screaming
many points are crossing my view
they are making too many clouds for
such a sunny day
people's crying behind barbwires
redblack cross is full of a power
sky is burning, one man's falling
everything is lost in flashlight
reich opened arms
deep pain...everywhere
dark laugh is cutting
through the hope
dreaming's a luxury
I must follow my endless hate
I'm the ghost and I can
break your locks and see
my life again
dead empire collapsed
in its own fearfulness...
blooming bodies, blooming buildings
their leafs are everywhere...
and red power's rising from the
ashes ...
...temporary smile
trust us, we are the faith...
what you find! we'll build the new world!
arbeit macht frei! there is no way back!
hey you, you fought on the other side!
with a pick axe I kill the last piece of me
I can't believe what kind of shit you are?!
my red brothers, you can watch my steps
but you can't kill my unbreakable hope!

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