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I've made my way up over mountain tops
I never thought that it would take us this high
I'm half the man I used to be
but all these memories are why I'm learning from you
They say the steeper the mountain the harder the climb
I'd give it all just to see you again
well I might be half the man i used to be
but all these memories are why I love you
So take your dose of reality
this is my one last request
you cower in hypocrisy
put on your show you are a horrible actor
Piece by piece you will discover that the truth is in your kneeling knees
If its dreams that you want then its dreams that you'll get
I'm tired of always playing the fool
I know it doesn't mean a lot to give your all when its handed down
Like this is not the way that we were supposed to handle
I'll slow time down a little for you to catch your breath
You'd say theres another guy and I'd keep on crawling back to my own feet again
while you hold my pride
You leave me screaming
at the top of my lungs
its safe to say its true what they say
you're just another dime a dozen
If its dreams that you want, then its dreams that you'll get
Cause I'm tired of playing the fool
In the beginning it was some sort of misunderstanding
If I recall you were the one who painted it to be such a masterpiece
this ones for you, I mean every word I say
143, till the end

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