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Through a Darkened Sky - text


Dominus misereatur
Ego arbitror
Mihi ignoscendum esse
Ave angeli, fratres sanguinis
Nunc fiat voluntas mea

Over the ages
I have looked at you
From the seven heavens
The place I call home
I am a guardian, a keeper of souls
A warrior of the faith
In the name of the cross

I am immortal and pure
I have nor blemish nor sin

Over the ages
I have learned from you
The beauty of the free will
To choose evil or good
My Lord I'm tired
To still be your hand
I want my freedom
Do you understand?

High more and more
Flying through a darkened sky
By the clouds of a storm
Omen of my fate
I'm going to deny my wings
I'm ready to leave the eternity
Down more and more
Flying through a darkened sky
To the world I desire
Starting a new life
I feel I'm losing my wings
Leaving behind me the eternity
Falling through a darkened sky

Anyway I will not join
The ranks of "The Fallen"
My damnation will be
To preserve neutrality
I will be a guardian
The keeper of karma
A warrior of the fate
In the name of none

I am immortal and free
I have nor regret nor fear

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