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The Deserter - text


Sitting in the trench
I was looking for romance
Reading in the rain
A few letters from my girl
Waiting for the next attack
With the rifle on the back
I was watching in the bag
Because all had to be checked
Rations, ammunitions
Supplied by the nation
I was going to betray

Sitting in the trench
Waiting for the command
Trying to deny the fear
Browsing some photos of my dears
I started watching to the faces
Of my fellow soldiers
Looking for a bit of hope
But everything I saw was
Only resignation
And hate for the nation
I was going to betray

I will go away from this decadence
Cause I'm tired of being a damned
Lost in no man's land

Everyday I lose a friend
Will this ever end?
Every night I see his ghost
Crying among the dead
I'm going to flee so far away
From this senseless war
Cause I'm just a man condemned
To die away from home
Every day is like a bet
With the grim reaper
So before my luck runs out
I will be a deserter

Screaming in the night
It was ordered the assault
The enemy fire was all around
Chasing away the crows
I started crawling in the mud and
Running in the dark
With never looking back
Following the path
That lead to my salvation
So far from the nation
I've betrayed with no regrets

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