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Disaster Recovery Plan - text


The time is right, I'm ready for this
For centuries the Mother yelled her pain
Purple skies broken by lightnings overlook
Emerald seas and burning acher lands
I lived just waiting for this moment
Now that the last rose is lying dried
I open the shrine of amethyst
And I stroke the magic grimoire
Marked with elemental runes

Arise, sun
And melt the ice so that to infuse
Power to water
Arise, moon
And let the seas cover
With silence the world
Arise, fire
And spread your ashes
Carried by the wind of havoc
Arise, Earth
And let every eye
Become closed forevermore
I'm the last priest of Gaia

Petrified forests are trembling
Cold silver mists are on the cities
Where you can hear just industrial echoes
And there are chimneys that everywhere
Release mephitic steams

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From Dawn to Dusk

At The Dawn texty

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