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A black sun has shown me the way
A total eclipse of my only faith

The day turned dark for just a moment
But to me it must have no end

Sudden deserving of damnation
The angel of death has given me a task
Simple was gods decapitation
Gruelling to create one

My mind struggles in decisions
Betraying fate or my goddess
No one can ever tell
no one will ever know that I dwell in hell

Frosted nightfall throughout the forest
I'd come for you in this cursed quest
In front of me you stood
Had you sensed it must be done

Confronting your eyes induced a mix
Remorse in ecstasy blended as one

Drops from your eyes that wet my cheek
Ripping my soul into dust of sin

Laying motionless on the floor
Red roses fade as it starts to pour
Your flesh so brisk, it hardens
What I've done shall never be pardoned

Sowing anger - reaping sadness
I shall never scatter your ashes

A full moon in the endless sky
Is a torment in dead silence
Cause at night in the forest
I can hear you weep in sadness

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