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One Million Eyes - text


Skeletons swim in their graves
Kill the witch, god be praised
Harps plucking songs of dread
Armies of ghosts
Virgins fuck the dead
Dragons drinking blood for wine
Catching creatures with no face
Vines embrace, naked mess
Humans ride
The tide of war
One million eyes 4x
Tear the flesh
Come peirce the brain
Awaken maiden slumber dream
Flower's bloom with hitler's head
Pedals fall in the garden of stone
Glass falls from the serpent's eyes
The toads have spoken to the gods
Sweetened tears
Sour fears
City aflame
Nothing's changed
One million eyes 4x
Step off a cliff and we could
Float to the ground
We can play in a
Pool of blood
Walking dead and worms
Who speak
Angels talking mutiny
Celtic swords scream in pain
Erections drawn, enemies run
Cauldren sits on a cradle of thorns
Wolves kill, sparrows mourn
Now descending angels flight
The pope is running out the door
One million eyes 4x

Text přidala Lau

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