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I wanted you, now I don't have you
It came to me as no surprise
That for all your beauty girl
It was all just a disguise
It was all just a disguise
I didn't come to be your judge
It's no concern to me
You say that life to you is pain as your life
As your life goes down the drain
Your life goes down the drain
Haunted by love and lust
Haunted by the illusion of trust
And I'm haunted in your vein of disgust
The dreams of youth die in the streets
They convince themselves they cannot lose
And in a moment in a twinklin of an eye
We are taken from this world
Trying so hard to mend my heart
You're in the way again
Pulling me apart in the role you're taught
On the streets again
And I'm so glad
You're a ghost in my past
Memories of you are so painful to erase

Text přidala Lau

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