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So we're born in the
Year of our pain
Gray rain falls on the
Flowers again
Throw a banquet in the
Phantom Camelot
See the pretty boys
See them rot
You say you love me but
I know you're a liar
You know it's a fad
For demented desire
Cry, sigh, now we die
Fire burns in the nuclear sky
On a ghost train (4x)
Pan is pleasure in
Your vampire dream
Your poser teeth on
Dying to be seen
I won't give in
To your stupid demands
Sometimes I just don't
Give a damn
Lovely souls, creatures of the night
Choke you vein
For spike delight
Shadows in the graveyard
Monsters in the park
I hear your voice
Screaming in the dark
I'm not the one to blame
To carry all your shame
I won't be crucified
I won't be victimized
Running through the neon
Trying to find a way
Drugs cloud the mind
Can't find a place to stay
Underlings leaching to my soul
Anarchy has taken control

Text přidala Lau

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