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I'm just a man
I'll tell you who I am
I spin yarn for your hair
Carve loneliness and despair
I only think of you
As I paint your fair skin
My saddened heart pretends
That you're someone for
The dollmaker
For the dollmaker
I whittle away
Thinking only yesterday
Trying to figure out now
Why I didn't finish you
Although I'm alone
Heartbreak I prolong
So I can finish
What I started
For the dollmaker
For the dollmaker
I drive a nail so careful
I thrust
I've created something
Beyond just us
I've heard of superstitions
But I don't care
I paint your stare
I look into your eyes
I imagine that they're yours
I try to make sense
Out of making you
Though I'll never have you
My dream is all I have
You're real to me
You're alive in my heart
I won't give you away
Or pass you to a child
You're far too beautiful to me
Forgive me my dear
But you're all mine
I shut the door
Where no one will find
But the dollmaker

Text přidala Lau

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