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There wasn't enough time
To say to you
Things that were said
So much more to say
Giving up on you
I never did
But fate stepped in
To take you away
I don't want you to die
I want you always here
I don't want you to die
Years go by and you're not here
I'm not trying to hide
That I miss you inside
I'm trying to
Make real
That the only thing left
Is what I feel
Oh, won't you walk down
This road with me
Show me the things
That I can't see
Time goes by so slow
It seems like you've been on a trip
And you'll be coming home
You'll be coming home soon
But I know although
I won't admit
You've gone on but life
Is testing me
And I had a dream
Last night
And I saw you
Much to my delight
And you said you were alright
And I said I love you

Text přidala Lau

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