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Thorns Of Charon Pt1 Astartes Call - text

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...The wolves run through
the evergreen snow forest.
Unsould bodies dragging on the dark wood path
Driven by wolf servants of Astarte.
Soul senses are shocked to the naked ground.
Here where bodies were lying dead,
Now they have dragged away in the dim forest.
Madness has given wings to their souls
And a wind lures them towards the vale of revenge.
Listen! To the tumult of the blasphemous harmonies.
Come from the shadow of the dome of pain
Where man's empty bodies
Were locked inside Astarte's cages of steel.
As the dawn release its sun drops
Astarte's crimson light summons Them(the souls)
To her place of the evil shades existence.
When a storm will break from the shadow skies,
Souls and bodies will become one and then...

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Doomed Dark Years

Astarte texty

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