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Unsheltered and exposed
When every door is closed
There's nowhere left to find protection

All that I have left
Is this brutal, wreckless depth
I'm running scared with no direction

The only thing that's real
It's all that I can feel
And every single nerve is screaming

For sleep that never comes
My imagination runs
Out of reach and it has left me bleeding

When reality returns
And I've finally broken free
I'll stand up and face the world
That once abandoned me

The flow
Of panic in my veins
Anxiety constrains
Every move and I am slowly sinking

To depths I've never reached
My security's been breached
A victim of my way of thinking


A desert without rain
I'm a prisoner of pain
A disciple of my own disaster

This silent symphony
Serenades the barren sea
Calling out as if it somehow matters


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