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The Feeder - text


Spending his days and nights, searching online
Visiting dating sites for a concubine
Abnormal fetishist, extraordinary sin
At last the perfect victim, a "romance" begins

Candlelight and flowers, fancy restaurants
She's devouring every course and he's got what he wants
Exciting voluptuosity, the feeder gets aroused
Irresistible persuasion to move into his house

Stimulate her craving, increasing calories
Double up the portions 'til she grows obese

Mass produced nutrition
Watching her eat
Insatiable hunger
Time to feed

Total immobility, desirable consort
Confined to her bed, thighs hanging on the floor
Wobbling blubber, rippling rolls
Utmost satisfaction with phallus in folds

Limitless her flabbiness pushing things too far
His mistress exploding, flying blobs of lard
Blood, flesh and grease, intestines and gore
His beloved one now gone and won't come back no more

Text přidal DevilDan

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