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Der Landser - text


A boy becomes a soldier
Conscription calls him in
Soon baptism of fire
And thus his war begins

He is the Landser
The invincible Landser

In battle after battle
Not one of them was lost
For bravery decorated
His reward the Iron Cross

March direction changing
Eastward all now go
Deep inland penetrations
Then halted by the snow
His Führer leaves him freezing
Bitter taste of defeat
In doubt and desillusioned
The Landser must retreat

Enduring first winter
Once more he storms again
The Blitzmachine in motion
Through unknown barren land
No pausing in the advance
Enter the gates of hell
Stalingrad's Inferno
Will he live to tell?

He is the Landser
The exhausted Landser

His leaders commit treason
In pools of blood an pus
Comes to realization
To be nothing but dust

He is the Landser
The betrayed Landser

One of the few to breath through
Long journey home of fear
And in loving arms of mother
Flow finally the tears

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