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Deep in the basin of the Amazon
Fluorishing in turbid waters alone
Habitat of the Canero
Vampire parasite
Atrocious, evil, little carnivore
Vicious attacks, pure horror
Lurking in the dark river resort
Disgusting appetite

The flow provides translucence
Preying on fertile hosts
Bloodsucking fish

Infesting animals and anthropoids too
Thriving on nourishing liquid food
Malevolant, revolting brood
Organism obscene
Visual tracking or hunting with scent
Sinking its barbs into the glands
The pain sets in as its body expands
Absorbing protein

Only seconds of nesting
In tubular space
Leaving "once saturated"
This temporary haze

Don't use the banks as a jungle latrine
The Candiru emerges unforeseen
Swiftly darting up your urine stream
From where it was concealed
Gnawing tissue of the ventral wall
A cozy seat in your genitals
Agonizing excretory canals
Repulsion unreal

Fecal organs ravaged
Surgery required

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