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Fading Away (A Vision) - text

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The nightmares flee to find the dark
A place where they can hide.
Where no light flows on paths unknown
How I wish to be at their side.
The dawn creeps in the light's still dim
The day will purify the world.
The night and I we have to die
As I'm the Black Butterfly.
My destiny will be fullfilled.
Now you've torn down the walls
Of my resistance and my will.
I will not fly but fall.
The time is here I'm pale with fear
The light brings me decay
My lips are burnt my bones have turned
To ashes, flesh to dust.
No kiss upon my lips, not one,
No last wish, no farewell.
No saviour came to call my name
Down here where shadows dwell.
No saviour came to call my name
I'm going straight to hell.
Fading away
Fading away
Tu papilio niger
Fading away
Fading away
No kiss upon my lips, not one.
No saviour came to call my name.
Fading away
Nicht meine Schuld
Kann nichts dafür
Ich bin doch nur
Ein wildes Tier.

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