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I walk by your house each morning even if it rains
I saw you 3 Sundays back, but I dont know your name
You were sittin on your front step, lookin at a map
I knew one day youd leave this town
Just like Kerouac

You look but you dont see
Im just a girl whos on your street
I walked 6 blocks kickin this stone
Hopin youd notice Im alone
And walk me home

I saw Mrs. Mapleton at the donut shop
She said you had cut her grass, cause you were savin up
For a ticket into tinsel town, maybe I could come along
You could be Kurt Russell
Ill be Goldie Hawn

Im under this broken streetlight
In my mothers church shoes
Don?t wanna walk another block without you

If youd lift up your window
Bet I could make you laugh
Youd say Im unusual
But you like me like that

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