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Trying to Help You Out - text


You see perfect
Or pretty damn close
You see beautiful
But I know
I’m not what you want
It’s not what you think
Inside of me

I’m scared cause I know I’ll screw it up I’ll let you down
So afraid so I walk alone
I’m trying to help you out
Things aren’t as they seem in my heart I have seen who I am
Don’t get close
You don’t want to come in
The real me isn’t what you’re thinking

You say love me but you’re love is like a child
You think I’ll love you even though I tell you otherwise
I’m not you want, I’m not what you need
Why won’t you listen to me
Why won’t you listen to me, listen to me

I’m torn apart
Cause I don’t wanna hurt you
I never meant to
Let it get this far
Stay right where you are..

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