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Little Miss Plastic - text


Youve been battin those fake eyelashes at the bar
Youre new in town but I know exactly who you are
The kinda girl whos into taking what belongs to someone else
You best keep those pretty little fingers to yourself

Little Miss Plastic
Guess you want your ass kicked
Cause you keep askin for it
Everytime you pass by my baby
Sitting at a bar stool
Bet your thinking maybe
He could be your next fool
Yeah, youre looking for a man tonight
But it aint gonna be mine
Guarantee girl, he belongs to me girl, you better believe girl
It aint gonna be mine

I double dog dare ya honey go on make your move
Those pretty bleached white teeth, howd you like to lose a few?
I might be 115 but I aint afraid to brawl
What ya want first, girl, the window or the wall?

Oh, I apologize if Im coming off a little rough around the edges tonight
You could have a lot of guys and I hope youve got the message
It damn straight wont be mine

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